Coborn Unit

Coborn Unit

The Coborn Centre for adolescent Mental Health is an inpatient and day patient service for 12-18 year olds. The unit caters for adolescents with acute mental health problems and can provide accommodation for 25 in patients and 9 day patients .

The Coborn centre education department provides support for both inpatient and day patient young people for the East London and the City Mental Health trust. Referral boroughs comprise of Newham, Tower Hamlets and Hackney as well as further afield when necessary.

The Coborn centre is a tier 4 acute inpatient service that provides assessment diagnosis and treatment of young people experiencing a wide variety of severe and enduring mental illnesses and distress.

Diagnosis and treatment of some include psychosis, bi-polar, obsessive/compulsive disorder, depression/anxiety disorder and the negative psychological effects of self-harm, physical/sexual abuse and post traumatic stress. The average stay at the unit is seventy days.

The Education team are employed by the London Borough of Newham and are part of the Tunmarsh School.

With the average stay at The Coborn Centre being around seventy days there is reasonable expectation that young people will reintegrated back into their previous schools or continue education with alternative settings.

In order to maintain this standard it is vital that there is consistent contact between The Coborn Education department and the young persons’ school/lead contact person.

The Coborn offers an education provision that all young people have access to during their admission, with the opportunity for the student to complete their own school work/course work if supplied by their school.

All of the core subjects are offered by Coborn , as well as additional subjects such as Art and Humanities.

The National curriculum is followed and all classes at the Coborn cater for students at KS3-KS5 Levels.

We also liaise with schools to discuss a young person’s readiness to return to school and any on-going concerns that a school might have.  The school is an integral part of this process.