School Information

School Information

The Beaumont Centre

The Beaumont Centre is a Key Stage 4 specialist provision for students with complex needs. The aim is to provide an individualised bespoke education that meets the social, educational and recreational needs of the students.

The centre is based on the Tunmarsh School site in a dedicated unit and is supported by a group of staff who work together to nurture and prepare the students for life after their compulsory years of education.

The Beaumont Centre provides students with the opportunity to study GCSEs, BTEC and accredited courses.  The curriculum is tailored, broad and flexible to support and encourage success.  The centre offers onsite workshops in sex education, social skills and music to provide a varied and interesting curriculum; complemented with a combination of educational  visits, Physical Education and off-site activities such as visits to city museums, Film Ed week, wall climbing, gym, swimming, cycling, theatre and team building.  The Beaumont Centre also works with in-house and external specialist agencies to support the student’s social and educational progress.

Our overall objectives are to help students achieve improved outcomes through removing barriers to learning and to help prepare them for life after school.

The Coborn Centre

The Coborn Centre for Adolescent Mental Health is an in-patient and day patient service for adolescents between 11-18 years, with severe and enduring mental health needs. Young people come from a range of referral agencies including Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), the National Health Service and the police service.

The Coborn offers a broad and balanced curriculum with a range of subjects being taught. These include English Literature, Maths, Science, Information Computer Technology, Geography, History, Philosophy and Citizenship. Dependent on young people’s individual needs, the education team help support pupils to take exams in their own school settings. In addition, education supports pupils in applying to colleges, returning to school and taking par t in community projects. Complementing education is a range of occupational therapeutic groups which aim to meet pupils’ social, community and mental health needs.

In the last academic year a range of organisations have worked with pupils attending the Coborn. These have included; a photography project run by the Tower of London, a visit from a Greek Orthodox priest, a review of the Islamic culture facilitated by Guleraana Mir, discussion on the Holocaust run by the Holocaust Education Trust amongst other well received projects.

As a reflection of the wide range of needs, the Coborn takes a multi-agency approach. This is through joint work with consultants, teachers, psychologists, occupational therapists, social services, doctors and nurses. The aim is to take a holistic approach to reintegrate young people back to the outside community.