New Directions

New Directions

New Directions PRU is a Key stage 4 Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) located in the London Borough of Newham. There are places for up to 60 students to attend on site, aged 14-16 (KS4).

Students who attend New Directions PRU may do so as a result of being at risk of permanent exclusion, or may have been permanently excluded from their mainstream school. Most of our students remain with us until the end of Key Stage 4 when they will be supported to progress in to Further Education or Training. We work very closely with all our students on roll to understand and meet their individual learning needs. Students are referred to New Directions PRU with a wide range of Learning Needs including Social Emotional and Mental Health Needs (SEMH).

All our students have a common need for a sensitive and nurturing approach to support them in overcoming any barriers to learning, and to enable them to address some of the issues which may have created difficulties for them in engaging with learning within a mainstream school setting. New Directions PRU is a fresh start for students. Staff value the importance of New Directions PRU being a vibrant learning community where all views are valued, and where students feel enabled to make positive choices regarding their learning, their futures, and their interaction with others.

Across New Directions PRU there is an emphasis on pastoral support. Students are encouraged to engage with a broad and relevant curriculum which provides pathways to KS4 qualifications and Work Based Learning. We work closely with all students to support them in working to aspire to, and achieve their potential. A balanced curriculum of academic core subjects, work based learning and Character Education provides students with a greater understanding of the wider world and their place within it.

Our aim is for all of our students to graduate from New Directions PRU and to go onto lead successful, independent lives, both in further education, the workplace and in their relationships with others.

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