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GCSE / BTEC Equivalent

General Course Information

Our Art Department at New Directions offers a BETC Level Award in Art and Design. The course provides clear progression routes to our pupils, providing opportunities to develop their education further or to gain employment. The qualification has 6 credit values that can help them to enter higher education.

During the course the pupils will collect practical skills to record formal elements in Art; such as line, tone, colour, shape, pattern and texture by using photography, graphite pencils, coloured pencils, pens, fine liners, chalks,  crayons, pastels, paint and PVA on different types of surfaces like coloured paper, card, fabrics, and varnish. Our pupils will have an insight of the Art industry and will be given career pathways and opportunities by visiting the V&A and the National Portrait Gallery, creating book and CD covers, designing tattoos, creating and decorating garments, building 3D objects, such as speakers and macramé decorations. 

Pupils will cover many different Art and Design techniques to explore 2D and 3D art, including cross hatching, line and graphite shading, acrylic painting, ink wash and watercolour painting on wet and dry surfaces, sewing, taking photographs, printmaking, working with strings, small objects, different papers, seeds, newspapers, and the prints of their photography works to create mixed media artwork.

We will focus on encouraging our pupils to give oral and written feedback of the artists’ and their own and each other’s artworks. This can develop their communication skills and confidence which will help them in further education and at their career.


Assessment and Feedback

Pupils will have to produce a portfolio to show all the different art techniques they practiced throughout the course. They will show their artistic response by recreating work from various artists, such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Chagall and contemporary artists' original artworks. The portfolio will contain all their written tasks as well, such as research pages on artists' style and their opinion on artists and artworks. It will demonstrate their first hand observations, photos of their progression, and their own self-assessment. Pupils will have to produce a final art piece demonstrating the evidence of meeting the assessment criteria, from the Edexcel exam board, along with a portfolio of work collated. 


How parents can help

  • Check with your child on progress of coursework
  • Encourage your child in creating art
  • All lessons are attended



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