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Character Education


 Character Education at our school aims to be engaging and meaningful, focusing not only on outcomes but also on the process. 

We encourage students to learn from and overcome challenges, celebrate successes, and empower them to make ethical and informed choices. 

We believe in applied learning, enabling students to understand its relevance to the world and wider society, which helps in creating well-rounded global citizens. We provide our students with experiences that promote their spiritual, moral, social, and cultural (SMSC) development in order to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of later life. 

Our chosen School Values are the Character Traits of Confidence, Resilience, and Kindness and these have been carefully selected to complement our commitments to the development of the whole child, removing barriers to learning, increasing confidence, building resilience, and promoting kindness and pro-social behaviours.

Character education is delivered at our school through various means, including "caught, taught, and sought." 

The taught element is integrated into the curriculum, with explicit links to Kindness, Resilience and Confidence made in lessons through our Habits for Life descriptors and promoted in assemblies and form-time activities.

The caught element is evident through our ethos and school values, as well as through the tracking and monitoring of Habits for Life points that are awarded in lessons, throughout the school and for representing the school in off site activities such as fundraising, performances or competitions and community action projects.

The sought element through the encouragement of ongoing self-reflection activities.