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Curriculum Values and Intent

School Values

Intent Statement


We will understand and value differences, allowing others to express themselves in order to work together towards common goals, making our community stronger.

Our curriculum broadens horizons and promotes social equity and mobility. It is built upon principles of currency, character, culture.


We will empower one another to make moral and informed decisions and be accountable for the behaviours band choices we make, choosing the way we respond to life’s events, rather than simply just reacting.

Our curriculum develops life skills including leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication. Through our nurturing, holistic and integrated approach to learning and development, students will develop an understanding of self and how they fit into 21st Century global community.


We will provide opportunities and experiences that support the growth and development of each other, enabling us to add meaningful value to ours and others’ lives.

Our curriculum is sequenced and planned to provide depth of learning and build on knowledge and skills previously acquired. We follow the National Curriculum to enable students to return to mainstream school or progress to post 16 destinations, having developed effective literacy and executive functioning skills, as well as nurturing personal strengths and interests.