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Key Stage 3

Subject Statement

Drama at Tunmarsh will develop pupils understanding of working as an ensemble and the importance of collaboration with others. By developing positive working relationships with staff and peers, pupils learn how to discuss, challenge, build on one another’s ideas and collaborate in a creative environment. The Tunmarsh Drama curriculum gives pupils the skills to progress within the subject, the opportunity to express themselves and developing their understanding of building relationships, and how to be a member of their class and our school community.

Course Outline

In years 7, 8 and 9, pupils will explore a range of dramatic skills. They will learn a variety of dramatic techniques and understand their impact on an audience; perform extracts of text; devise their own drama and evaluate live theatre. In lessons, pupils will work practically to understand the role of the actor, director and designer developing their performance and work towards improving their writing skills.

Assessment and Feedback

Pupils will receive verbal feedback on their performances and have opportunity to improve their practical work.

Pupils will also receive feedback on any written work and opportunities to improve this work in order to develop their written responses.


How Parents and Carers can Help

  • Talk to your child about any educational visits to the theatre.
  • Encourage or take your child to any theatre or youth theatre groups run locally (e.g. Yard Theatre, Stratford East, Spotlight Theatre, The Broadway-Barking, Kenneth More Theatre).                  
  • Watch plays online and the film versions of plays online.
  • Download free line learning apps on your phone to help practise lines.


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