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Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition

GCSE / BTEC Equivalent

General Course Information

The Food Technology department at New Directions works to enable pupils to build self-confidence and self-esteem through their engagement in a wide range of activities, which will enable them create food that they enjoy. Pupils are encouraged to work collaboratively as well as individually, and have the opportunity to learn important skills and techniques in order for their work to be successful. The Jamie Oliver’s Home Cooking Skills is BTEC Level 1 and 2 Award; Level 2 equivalent to half a GCSE at grades C. The aim of this qualification is to give students the basic skills and knowledge to be able to cook for themselves in a healthy and cost-effective way. Topics covered include preparing eggs, breakfast, packed lunches, cooking pasta, vegetables, mince, rice etc. Pupils will also experience preparing fast and quick meals; work with preparing chicken, barbecue meals and baking. We aim to give learners the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy cooking meals at home. Through the programme offered, pupils will gain understanding of how to economise when planning meals to cook at home. We encourage them to transform skills learnt to other recipes, to continue cooking for themselves and their families and to inspire others by passing on their knowledge. The proposition is that being able to cook is an essential life skill, which empowers people to make changes that have benefits to health and wellbeing.


Assessment and Feedback

At New Directions, internal assessment is undertaken for both written coursework based on the assignment brief and practical assessment. Pupils are given support and feedback on their work, enabling them to explore more personal ways forward with their own ideas. Pupils are also encouraged to talk about their work. The pupils have to do an extensive piece of research to plan healthy diets for a family. They have to select any two recipes that fit the criteria of the “Eat well guide” and write in detail about it. Pupils will need to provide additional information as to how they would encourage people to adopt a healthy and economical lifestyle through food and make the chosen recipes popular. Progressively they have to cook, plate and present the meals similar to a professional set up eg in a restaurant/hotel. The photographic evidence of the recipes made is supportive for the coursework.

Assessment Criteria covered by students:

    1. Select and prepare ingredients for a recipe.
    2. Use cooking skills when following a recipe.
    3. Demonstrate food safety and hygiene throughout the preparation and cooking process.

2.1 Reflect on own learning about the value of gaining cooking skills.

2.2 Identify ways to pass on information about home cooking.


How Parents and Carers can Help

  • Encourage to visit websites related to subject.
  • Talk to pupils about their progress and interest areas in the subject.
  • Help the pupils meet their targets for the subject eg by ensuring homework is completed.
  • Subject related educational visits.
  • Providing suitable resources.
  • Watch food related documentaries
  • Celebrate their work at home and at school


Links to Online Resources

  • Jamie Oliver Home Cooking skills,
  • Food a fact of life, Meat and Education, British Nutrition Foundation, ,
  • pages/5adayhome.aspx ,
  • NHS website giving top tips for eating more fruit and vegetables, British Meat – information about organic food and farming with links to related websites
  •  campaign for free-range chickens
  •  The Children’s Food Festival – information about sustainability
  •  Cooking Index – recipes and information on
  • food and cookbooks
  • Delia online – recipes, cooking tips, equipment
  • Eat the Seasons – UK seasonal food
  • information, tips and recipe ideas, updated
  • every week.
  • FitBrits – recipes and cooking guides for cooking