Science Homework

Students can try activities, tasks and interactive games related to their Science work on the BBC website.

KS3 Student Science link

KS4 GCSE EDEXCEL Science Revision link

Maths Homework

Maths this term. 

Homework will be set on a website called ‘My Maths’.

If your child does not have access to a computer or the internet, then we can give them a paper copy of the homework to take home.

This website has many benefits:

  • Parents and pupils can track their progress and levels
  • Pupils can give feedback to the teacher if they found a task difficult
  • Homework can be repeated to improve their understanding
  • Pupils can refer to the lessons on My Maths if they get stuck on homework
  • Parents can check that homework has been completed

Pupils will receive extra merits for completing homework each week (up to 6 merits a week).
Prizes will be given at the end of term for pupils who complete most of the homework.

Instructions to log on

Log on to the website: www.mymaths.co.uk

If you are a student, log in at My portal. This will include your own 3 or 4 digit login and 3 letter password which your teacher has generated for you.

A list of Tasks will be shown and how many days they have left to complete them.
These tasks will appear in RED if they are OVERDUE.
Click on ‘My Results’ and you will see all the completed tasks with the % scores.
Click on ‘My Boosters’ and you will see other completed tasks.

Every pupil has a TARGET Level / Grade for this subject and a TARGET % Score.  Their marks on My maths need to be ABOVE the target % score to achieve their target level.

Pupils can redo a task to improve their score. 
Each task lists how many ‘tries’ the pupil has had. This helps teachers and parents to see if a pupil is struggling with a topic.

Please can you check your child’s homework every week to ensure they have completed each task to the best of their ability.

Thank You for your support.

Click here for the My Maths letter