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Learning Pathways

The Educational Pathways we offer for students across Newham PRUs include:

Tunmarsh School 

Tunmarsh school offers an on-site provision for KS3 and KS4  students.  At key stage 3, students are able to access both short stay and long stay programmes which enable them to to work with dedicated staff in addressing  individual challenges and behaviours  as well as continuing to build on prior attainment and knowledge across the national curriculum. We offer a range of subjects and build in enrichment opportunities to broaden horizons and build cultural capital. Stage 4 students are able to access a GCSE program which offers a range of up to 8 GCSEs. students achieve well at Tunmarsh with all students being supported to make applications and achieve qualifications which will enable them to progress to destinations and courses of their choice for post-16.


Phoenix provides education for up to 14 primary aged pupils on the roll of Newham schools and is part of Newham PRUs. We work together with Newham primary schools to provide support for pupils who are experiencing Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties (SEMH) and may be at risk of exclusion. We also offer full time education to any pupil who is a Newham resident and has been permanently excluded from their primary school or is referred through the Fair Access Protocol.

Pupils who are referred for a placement to Phoenix by their school are likely to have experienced difficulties in responding to and coping with the day-to-day challenges within a mainstream school. They require personalised support in extending their range of emotional, social and behavioural skills and achieving appropriate learning outcomes. At Phoenix the Principles of Nurture underpin all that we do. 

Remote Learning Programme  

We are able to deliver education remotely for those students who are unable to attend an onsite provision due to individual circumstances. Provisions may be delivered via online platforms in addition to working directly with outreach teaching and support staff.  We seek to provide a full 25-hour curriculum offer to those students who are working remotely.

Oak Provision

The Oak provision is an outreach provision for students who are unable to attend school due to medical or mental health reasons.  Teachers deliver core curriculum subjects and with the support of working closely together with students’ referring schools, are able to support with the delivery of a wider curriculum. Pastoral support staff are available to provide mentoring sessions and will be able to assist with reintegration to a mainstream setting if and when appropriate. Teaching may take place in a students’ home, out within the community, or in the dedicated on-site classroom at Tunmarsh School. We also offer teaching via online learning lessons which are taught by teachers from within the school. Students are able to access Oak class provisions VIA our online learning offer. Students accessing the Oak provision have an offer of up to 25 hours of education, however it is recognised that for those students who are accessing home tuition medical and mental health reasons,  timetables are developed around what is suitable for each individual student. We encourage students’ mainstream schools to play a significant role in delivering education for students referred to the Oak Provision. This ensures that students remain engaged with their mainstream school community, and are able to access the wider range of subjects taught. 


The education provision at APPLE is Newham PRU’s Alternative PRU Programme based at Lambourne End Outdoor Education Centre in Romford. APPLE provides a learning programme which offers additional individual support with a focus on improving engagement, attendance, and outcomes for students who are unable to engage in an onsite group provision at either of our schools. This includes those students who present with more challenging behaviours or specific individual needs. whereby the curriculum on offer is more suited to their learning requirements. The curriculum at APPLE provides access to a range of alternative and outdoor learning experiences in addition to the core curriculum. It is  planned and delivered in a way to support and respond to the individual challenges each student is encountering. APPLE accepts students through an internal referral process.

Silver Birch Pathway 

Our Silver Birch Pathway provides bespoke individual education arrangements for students who have Special Educational Needs which require specific, high levels of support and intervention. Students may be referred for a period of time to enable additional assessment of need and to support in identifying an appropriate Specialist Provision to transition to. Learning may take place at Tunmarsh School, within the home setting or at a safe location within the community depending on the individual needs of each student. Provisions are taught by specialist teachers with input from our Multidisciplinary Team and colleagues within the Local Authority.