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Management Committee


Our Senior Leadership Team

Kirsten MacLeod            Headteacher

Elgan Prosser                 Deputy Headteacher

Melinda Robbins            Strategic Head of Schools

Liburd Henry                  Operational Head of School

Roman Kutereba           Assistant Head

Terry Grego                   Assistant Head

Liz Shirley                      Strategic Finance and Business Manager

Adam Lucas                   Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator


The management committee (MC) plays a strategic and advisory role in setting out and maintaining the vision, aims and objectives of Tunmarsh Schoo in conjunction with the LA. This is to ensure that all pupils are safe, have their needs met, make appropriate progress and receive a good standard of education.

There are two sub-committees to lead on specific areas of responsibility

Teaching and Learning, Safeguarding and Behaviour. 

Finance, Staffing and Premise

Meeting Dates

Each sub-committee and the full management committee meet five times a year

  • Date
    24/09/2020 Finance, Staffing and Premises
    28/09/2020 Teaching and Learning, Safeguarding and Behaviour
    05/10/2020 Full MC
    19/11/2020 Finance, Staffing and Premises
    23/11/2020 Teaching and Learning, Safeguarding and Behaviour
    30/11/2020 Full MC
    22/02/2021 Teaching and Learning, Safeguarding and Behaviour
    04/03/2021 Finance, Staffing and Premises
    15/03/2021 Full MC
    26/04/2021 Teaching and Learning, Safeguarding and Behaviour
    29/04/2021 Finance, Staffing and Premises
    10/05/2021 Full MC
    17/06/2021 Finance, Staffing and Premises
    21/06/2021 Teaching and Learning, Safeguarding and Behaviour
    05/07/2021 Full MC

     Our Management Committee


    Membership of the Management Committee is 21

    Name Membership
    John Bradshaw Community (Chair)
    Chris Kersse Community (Vice-chair)
    Kirsten MacLeod Head Teacher
    Ruth Martin Community
    Alan Merry Community
    Liz Shirley Community
    Jay Jamnadas Community
    Elgan Prosser Community
    Lynda Haddock Community
    Kathryn-Randall-Curtis Community
    Jean St Rose Community
    Chelsea Millgate Community
    Sophie Malik Community
    Matthew Long Parent
    Cllr Sarah Ruiz LA Member
    Michelle Edwards LA Member
    Lisa Knight Staff
    Phoebe Thorne Staff
    Omowunmi Fagbemi Staff
    Vacant 1 x Parent
    Vacant 2 x Community