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KS4 / BTEC Equivalent

Course Outline

Exploring Music Performance Skills 

Most of us have, at some time, dreamt of being a rock star! This course allows learners to explore some of the skills a musician requires whether they are a violinist or thrash guitarist.

The course aims to give learners an idea of what it is like to work as a musician in preparing and performing of a group or solo piece of music. Learners will develop confidence in the use of vocal and/or instrumental skills. They will learn how to plan a performance, practise and rehearse, and how to present themselves to an audience. Learners will also develop employability skills throughout the course and will learn the importance of reliability, positive attitude and respect for others in relation to music performance work. The course culminates in a performance of a prepared solo or group piece to an invited audience for example peers, friends, family members.


Assessment and Feedback

Assessment Evidence for this unit is gathered from logbooks, practical music making sessions, rehearsals and performances. Performances are recorded and observed by tutors. Peer evaluations and/or audience feedback can also be used as evidence. To progress, learners must perform with a degree of musical accuracy in terms of timing and pitch. They should be able to demonstrate musicality in their performance work and stage presentation techniques such as communication with the audience and other performers. Learners must be punctual for meetings and rehearsals and be able to focus on working immediately. Learners should demonstrate a willingness to participate in discussions and other activities with a positive manner, and show respect and support for others when discussing and developing ideas in rehearsals, and when receiving direction and instruction.


How Parents and Carers can Help

  • Inform parents of relevant websites to visit for support.
  • Discuss progress with students through parents evenings and reports.
  • To support attendance to relevant educational visits.
  • To provide resources where possible. 



Teacher: Steve Timson


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