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Religious Education

GCSE AQA Religious Studies (8061)

General Course Information

The AQA GCSE in Religious Studies short course (8061) covers the subject content laid down by the Department for Education (DfE). Students consider different beliefs and attitudes to both religious and non-religious issues related to Christianity and Islam, in contemporary British society and around the world. Students are required to develop an awareness of the religious traditions within Christianity and Islam and to acknowledge and understand the religious traditions and beliefs are diverse. The knowledge and skills gained from this specification will provide your students with a firm foundation for further study.

Assessment and Feedback

To successfully pass the AQA GCSE in Religious Studies course, all students are required to sit one written exam at the end of Year 11, based on the units taught throughout the course. Students achieve a qualification graded between 9-1.

All students receive regular written and verbal feedback throughout their studies on their progress and areas for further development. All student work is moderated in accordance with New Directions PRUs marking policy and student progress and attainment is tracked using an online assessment system called Doddle. This tracking system highlights where students are making sufficient progress but also identifies where further intervention and support is required to help them to improve their knowledge and understanding of the subject. This intervention is designed to help students to achieve a good GCSE grade during the final examination.

How Parents and Carers can Help

  • Encourage your child to attend school regularly and engage in lessons.
  • Use the online resources to develop your level of understand of the curriculums being taught
  • Support and encourage your child to study and revise at home (extended learning activities)
  • Encourage your child to attend extra revision classes in preparation for GCSE examinations
  • Keep in regular contact with staff at the school for updates on your child’s progress
  • Regularly attend Parent & Carer Consultation meetings (Parents Evenings)
  • If you have any questions or queries regarding any elements of the curriculum offer, then please raise your concerns with the school. 


Head of Department – Claire Campbell-Jackson

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