Newham PRUs

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

School Contact

Tunmarsh School

The Tunmarsh Centre

Tunmarsh Lane
E13 9NB

Tel: 0207 504 0531


Headteacher: Kirsten MacLeod


New Directions

The Storey Centre
Woodman Street
North Woolwich
E16 2LS

Telephone: 020 7504 0530


RIET - 020 7504 0530


Staff Contacts

Individual staff can be contacted through the emails above.  

Senior Leadership Team

Kirsten MacLeod                                 Head Teacher Newham PRUs

Elgan Prosser                                      Deputy Head Teacher Newham PRUs

Liburd Henry                                       Head of School Tunmarsh

Irvin Walters                                        Head of School New Directions and RIET

Melinda Robbins                                 Strategic Head of School

Terry Grego                                         Assistant Head Teacher - Curriculum and Learning, Tunmarsh School

Roman Kutereba                                 Assistant Head Teacher - Alternative Curriculum (Newham PRUs)

Claire Campbell-Jackson                   Assistant Head Teacher - Transition and Progression (Newham PRUs)

Lisa Knight                                          Assistant Head Teacher - Character and Pastoral Education (Newham PRUs)

Pat Andrews                                       Assistant Head Teacher - Curriculum and Learning, New Directions (Newham PRUs)

Adam Tsui-Lucas                                Newham PRUs SENCO (Newham PRUs)

Liz Shirley                                           Strategic Business and Finance Manager (Newham PRUs)


Curriculum Pathway Lead Staff

Liburd Henry                                         Tunmarsh School                               

Irvin Walters                                          New Directions and RIET

Jayne Graham Mensah                      HAVEN - Teacher in Charge

Kojo Oppong                                        APPLE Pathway Manager

Roman Kutereba                                 Remote Learning


Team Leads

Laura O’Donnell                                  Safeguarding and Attendance Manager - Designated safeguarding Lead - Tunmarsh

Cecile Palmer                                      Designated safeguarding Lead - New Directions and RIET

Lynne Reed                                          Mentoring team Lead - Tunmarsh School

Joan Spencer                                       Mentoring team Lead - New Directions

Claire Campbell-Jackson                   Transitions and reintegration Lead

Patrick Grant                                         Admissions

Lisa Knight                                            Designated Teacher for Looked after Children