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 School Uniform  

All pupils at Newham PRUs are required to wear our school uniform. Items of uniform with the school logo are provided by the school. 

Polo Shirt

Navy blue (KS4), Green (KS3), Purple (KS1 & 2) polo shirt with logo 


Black trousers


Black skirt


Navy blue (KS4), Green (KS3), Purple (KS1 & 2) sweatshirt with logo


Black shoes or plain black trainers



The school uniform policy requires all students to wear school uniform or appropriate agreed clothing for alternative activities.  If students turn up in non-standard items of clothing there may be consequences as per the Behaviour Policy and parents will be called. Students may also be sent home to get changed or parents may be requested to bring uniform in.

Students are allowed to wear coats to and from school, but not on school premises and they will be stored in school lockers upon entry.  Any bags brought in by students will also be searched and must be stored in school lockers.  Following on from Covid, as per DfE guidance, Newham PRUs follows government recommendations regarding face coverings.  Students are not allowed to wear face coverings in school unless there is an appropriate medical reason and evidence is supplied to that effect, in which case a face mask will be provided by the school.