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Key Stage 3 

Subject Statement

Pupils at Tunmarsh will be given the opportunity to develop the three essential aspects of their physical education; Practical, Cognitive and Social. We create a fun and safe environment for our young people to learn at their own pace and to be able to express themselves whilst developing their physical education. The students' learning in PE will help them to develop their sporting ability as well as develop socially. Students in Year 11 also have the opportunity to leave with a Level 1 or Level 2 Award in Health and Fitness. 

The students in KS3 and our Year 10s will have three periods of PE a week. We will make links across other subjects into our Physical Education lessons such as Maths, English and Science. Our Year 10s will also start preparing for Year 11 by doing some work in line with the qualification they will earn in Year 11. 

Newham PRUs are also active members in the AP Sports Federation. The gives us the opportunity to compete against other Alternative Provisions in sports at the end of ever half term. The competitions are open to all students who would like to test the skills learnt during the PE lessons in a controlled competitive setting. Our curriculum will run in accordance to the sport we will be competing in each half term. 

Assessment and Feedback

Practical Cognitive Social

Game performance

Singular skill development

Fitness / Physical Attributes


Knowledge and understanding


Problem solving

Tactics and strategy





How Parents and Carers can Help

  • Keep your child connected with sport by encouraging them to watch a variety of sport on TV and online
  • Encourage your child to join sports teams outside of school
  • Talk about the current events in the sporting world
  • Encourage your child to read about any sport they may be interested in i.e. sports pages on social media, sports apps and websites, reading sports pages of newspapers

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Key Stage 4

Subject Statement

Our Year 11s will be completing the NCFE V-CERT Level 1 / 2 Technical Award in Health & Fitness. The study of health and fitness involves understanding the functions of the body systems, understanding the principles of training, and knowing how the body reacts in the short and long term to fitness activities, how to create and apply lifestyle analysis tools and how to create a fitness programme for a person with specific goals. The qualification focuses on an applied study of the health and fitness sector and learners will gain a broad understanding and knowledge of working in the sector. 

Course Outline

The course has two units that students will complete throughout the year and these are assessed externally and internally. The external assessment will be in the form of a written examination, which will asses the learners' knowledge and understanding of content from Unit 01. The internal assessment will be a Synoptic Project for Unit 02, in which the students will design a fitness programme. This is assessed by the teacher and then quality assured by an external body. 

Unit 01 - Introduction to Body Systems and Principles of Training in Health and Fitness.

Unit 02 - Preparing and Planning for Health and Fitness. 

How Parents and Carers can help:

  • Promoting healthy eating
  • Encouraging daily exercise
  • Encouraging extra research into health and fitness
  • Promote watching health and fitness documentaries 

Useful Links - Qualification Specification - BBC Bitesize Revision - BBC Bitesize Revision - Body Systems


Abs Rebika - PE Coach